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Omni Hypnosis
Training Center®

The Center for Holistic Options is an approved training center
for Omni Hypnosis Training Center® of Ft.Lauderdale and the
International Association of Counselors & Therapists (IACT)

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Basic Through Advanced Hypnosis Training

Director of
Omni Hypnosis
Training Center®
of Ft.Lauderdale

Curriculum Includes:

History of Hypnosis
Nature of Hypnosis
Suggestibility Testing
Hypnotic Ruses of the Mind
Pre-Induction Interview
Establishing Clients Goals
Classic Induction Techniques
Instant, Rapid, Confusion Inductions
Disguised Induction Methods
Trance Deepening
Measuring Responsiveness and Trance Depth
Trance Management
Dealing with Overcoming Resistance Conditioned
Response Training
Semantics of Hypnotism Developing Rapport
Methods for Easily Obtaining
Deep Hypnosis
Hypnotizing Children
Advanced Rapid & Instant Inductions

Gerald Kein’s Universal Method
Regression Methods
Past Life Regression Transformational
Abreaction Hypnosis
Phobia Removal
Parts Therapy
Pain Control Techniques
Chair Therapy
Death Bed Therapy
Transformational Therapies
Overview of Painless Childbirth
Emergency Hypnosis
Uncovering Techniques
Pre-Talk Analysis
Structuring Successful Positive
Waking Hypnosis
Disguised Hypnosis
Teaching Self Hypnosis
Ethics & Legalities

Upon successful completion of the certification examination, an O.H.T.C. acknowledgement certificationwill be issued. Participant is then automatically certified for FREE for the first year with the National Board of Hypnosis Education and Certification.Training includes training study material and your own personal pendulum.

Training is not Just Lecture – Theory

It is the most complete and organized examination preparation class in hypnotism available today utilizing lecture, demonstration, experiential, audio-visual aids, practicum; plus, question and answer periods. Pre-registration is required and a $300 deposit is necessary to hold your place in the training. Visa and Master Card are accepted.

Register for Training - Fee $2,497.00

When you are trained by Omni Hypnosis Training Center® of Ft. Lauderdale; upon passing an exam and completing the required hrs. you will receive your hypnosis certificate from
Omni Hypnosis Training Center® of Ft. Lauderdale.
Please ask about our cross certification

Please ask about our cross certification

7 day training $2,497.00

Yes, you receive two certificates.

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