We provide our clients with a variety of holistic modalities, services and resources, geared towards optimal health.

Our mission is to give optimal health to the body, mind and spirit by focusing on strengths and weaknesses. We bring to light how emotions play a role in our health and potential toward healing.

We utilize time tested healing modalities along with recent developmental theories for balancing the body, mind and spirit thus achieving the client's optimal health.

We offer private hypnosis sessions, group sessions, corporate programs, pre surgery…private and group.

Some of the most popular are stress management, stop smoking, cancer, weight management, sales & sports improvement.

In addition, we offer Hypnosis Training - Basic through Advanced Certification.

1. Weight Control 21. Painless Childbirth
2. Stop Smoking 22. Self Image
3. Stress 23. Mental Attitude
4. Motivation 24. Public Speaking
5. Insomia 25. Agoraphobia
6. Worry 26. Overcoming Fears
7. Self-Confidence 27. Eliminate Guilt
8. Stuttering 28. Phobias
9. Study Habits 29. Dentistry
10. Sports Improvement 30. Depression
11. Ambition 31. Procrastination
12. Impotency 32. Fear
13. Memory 33. Lower Blood Pressure
14. Concentration 34. Exercise
15. Sales Improvement 35. Nail Biting
16. Substance Abuse 36. Golf
17. Alcoholism 37. Stage Fright
18. Tennis 38. Improve Health
19. Sexual Problems 39. Pain Control
20. Anger Management 40. Increase Income

A physician or psychological referral may be required for some of the above treatments.